How to Use Lamp Finials in Your Home Decorating

When decorating our homes, we often look to things like furniture, paint, and decor pieces to really pull the room together. All of the different aspects that we bring into the room, or our home, can really make our houses look and feel the way we want them to. However, one decor piece that isn’t talked about that often is lamp finials. Lamp finials can be that extra piece of decor to add that final touch to a room, but what is a lamp finial?

A lamp finial is a decorative piece that screws onto the top of the lamp that holds the lampshade in place. While most people don’t give a second thought to this piece, there are many different designs and styles to choose from that can completely change the look of your lamp.

While some people choose to keep their lamp finials plain, they can also be decorative and ornamental like many of the beautiful designs we have in our store. When deciding to redecorate or that a room needs a different style, switching out the lamp finial can be an easy and affordable way to change the way your lamp looks and, as a result, change the feel of the room.

Additionally, if you’re the type of person who loves to decorate with the seasons, you can do this with lamp finials as well. Changing out your lamp finial for different seasons, or even for different holidays, can add another aspect to your home decor. We offer holiday lamp finials for those who want a winter or Christmas themed style to their lamp during the holidays.

Next time you’re looking at switching up your home decor style, don’t forget to consider changing out your lampshades and lamp finials for a quick, budget-friendly way to change the look of your lamp.

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